Angelica Orsi

Angelica is from Pontypridd, South Wales and completed her MChem in Chemistry with industrial placement from the University of St Andrews (2014). During her undergraduate studies she spent one year (2012-2013) working for SINTEF Materials and Chemistry in Trondheim (Norway) studying protective coatings for bipolar plates in PEM fuel cells. She recently completed her PhD (graduating June 2018) at the University of St Andrews in the group of Professor Paul Wright. The PhD work investigated the CO2 adsorption capabilities of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with an end goal of integrating them into polymer-based membranes for CO2 capture and separation from flue streams of power plants. This research was implemented for the EU collaborative project M4CO2 (Energy efficient MOF-based Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 capture), funded by the 7th European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. Angelica was awarded an SCI Scholarship for her PhD studies.

In February 2018, Angelica commenced working as a research fellow for MOFgen. Continuing with her PhD topic of MOFs, she is now applying her knowledge for their use in biomedical applications.

Outside of the lab, Angelica enjoys cooking, traveling, reading and fashion.