Recent Publications

Selected publications of Russell Morris and his research group. A full list can be found here.

  • Insight into the ADOR zeolite-to-zeolite transformation: the UOV case
    Kasneryk, V., Shamzhy, M., Opanasenko, M., Wheatley, P. S., Morris, R. E. & Čejka, J. Dalton Trans., 2018, 47, 3084–3092

  • Cost-effective 17O enrichment and NMR spectroscopy of mixed-metal terephthalate metal-organic frameworks
    Bignami, G. P. M., Davis, Z. H., Dawson, D. M., Morris, S. A., Russell, S. E., McKay, D., Parke, R. E., Iuga, D., Morris, R. E. & Ashbrook, S. E., Chem. Sci., 2018, 9, 850–859
    DOI: 10.1039/C7SC04649A

  • Pressure-induced chemistry for the 2D to 3D transformation of zeolites
    Mazur, M., Arévalo-López, A. M., Wheatley, P. S., Bignami, G. P. M., Ashbrook, S. E., Morales-García, Á., Nachtigall, P., Attfield, J. P., Čejka, J. & Morris, R. E., J. Mater. Chem. A, 2018, 6, 5255-5259
    DOI: 10.1039/C7TA09248B

  • Low temperature synthesis study of metal-organic framework CPO-27: investigating metal, solvent and base effects down to -78 °C
    Vornholt, S. M., Henkelis, S. E. & Morris, R. E. Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 8298–8303

  • The ADOR mechanism for the synthesis of new zeolites
    Eliášová, P., Opanasenko, M., Wheatley, P. S., Shamzhy, M., Mazur, M., Nachtigall, P., Roth, W. J., Morris, R. E. & Čejka, J., Chem. Soc. Rev., 2015, 44, 7177-7206
    DOI: 10.1039/C5CS00045A