Juan Gonzalez Carballo

I am a Research Fellow who obtained the PhD Degree from the Autonoma University of Madrid-Spanish National Research Council CSIC (Spain, 2012) and the Chemical Engineer Degree from the University of Extremadura (Spain, 2006).

My PhD was focused inthe study of the most relevant parameters for the design of Ru-based catalysts for the synthesis of biofuels via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, developed within the group led by Prof. Jose Luis GarcĂ­a Fierro and under the supervision of Dr. Sergio Rojas and Dr. Manuel Ojeda. After my PhD, I joined Sasol UK Ltd as a Scientist (2012-2017) to work in different projects dealing both with the fundamental understanding of commercial catalysts relevant for Sasol in order to improve their performance and the exploration of new processes as part of the new R&D Strategy of the Company.

In November 2017, Sasol closed the Research facility in St Andrews and in December 2017, I joined the Prof. Russell Morris’ group at the University of St Andrews as Process Development Engineer in a project aimed at the development of processes for the large-scale manufacture of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) coated medical devices containing nitric oxide as biological agent.

Outside my PhD I enjoy spending the time with my family but also find some time to do crossfit, swimming, reading books and playing classical guitar.