Cameron Rice

CameronCameron moved from his hometown in Surrey up to St Andrews in 2013, where he spent the following four years studying for his MChem degree in Chemistry, graduating in 2017 with First Class Honours. Cameron spent the penultimate year of his undergraduate degree at the Institut Lavoisier de Versailles where he synthesised novel coordination polymers with antioxidant properties. Inspired by this experience, Cameron returned to St Andrews to complete his dissertation, working on Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for medical applications in the group of Professor Russell Morris.

After graduating, Cameron chose to extend his stay in St Andrews, embarking on PhD studies under the joint supervision of Professors Sharon Ashbrook and Russell Morris. His research focuses on structural and mechanistic investigations of microporous materials, such as Zeolites and MOFs.

Outside of the laboratory, Cameron enjoys running, hillwalking and cooking.