Head of the Group

Prof Russell Morris

Bishop Wardlaw Professor



Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Paul S. Wheatley

Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Lab Manager) – Zeolite & MOFs

Dr Samantha Russell

PostDoc Researcher – Pair Distribution Function Analysis (PDF) for the Characterisation of Zeolites




Dr Aamod Desai

PostDoc Researcher – MOF Synthesis for Energy Applications



PhD Students

Simon Vornholt

SimonPhD student – MOF-Polymer Composites for Medical Applications



Cameron Rice

CameronPhD student – Zeolite and MOF characterisation



Daniel Rainer

DanielPhD student – Zeolite Synthesis



Caroline Elliott

PhD Student РMOF Synthesis and Catalysis



Ailsa Edward

PhD Student – MOF Functionalisation