Ailsa Edward

I completed my MChem degree in Chemistry at the University of St Andrews in 2019, not too far from my home town of Dundee. During my degree I spent 2 years carrying out research projects; my fourth year was spent working with Professor Paul Wright synthesizing tetracarboxylic linker based early transition metal MOFs. My final year was then spent working with Professor Christopher Baddeley on the post-synthetic modification of microporous polymers. Whilst in my final year I also acted as the school of chemistry president representing student interests within the school.

I then decided to continue my studies at St Andrews and now work jointly under the supervision of Professor Russell Morris and Dr Euan Kay focusing on the surface functionalisation of metal-organic framework nanoparticles in order to control accessibility to the internal pore surface through the implementation of dynamic covalent chemistry (DCC).

Outside of the laboratory I have recently taken up running and enjoy baking and traveling.